Monday, May 14, 2007

Shot through the heart

Green Arrow and Black Canary back together again. After a year of being celibate (!) and Star City’s Mayor, Oliver Queen told Dinah Lance that everything he had done, he did to become a better man so that Dinah would notice and come back to him. (He told her this after spending 40 hours locked up in his room supposedly making sweet love―he really is a super-hero.)

Is he for real? Have he really changed? He cheated on Dinah repeatedly – always telling himself that he will stop cheating but he’s shoot his arrows away when another girl would show the slightest interest. Nightwing probably learned how to be a jerk from him. But after 40 hours of … yes… if I were in Dinah’s place, I would give him the benefit of a doubt. Next month would feature the “proposal” - too fast for me. Ollie should wait. He should give Dinah time to realize that he honestly wanted her to see that he really has changed. Again he’s being cocky and too damn confident that Dinah would completely trust him. Or maybe he wants Dinah’s “yes” before she realizes that she was just swept away by the moment.

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