Friday, May 25, 2007

Love Lost

How the hell did we end up here? LOST's third season finale has it all: teary deaths, quick deaths, a first kiss, a phone call (!) and a jump in time. Multiverse theories aside, this is the season for sharp storytelling. The dark origins---Ben's and Dharma's---are gripping and the closest to a horror episode that the series has ever done. The back stories have always been LOST's strength; I personally never felt that they were fillers. Sure they slowed down the plot but I'm a big fan of characterization. I'm all about characterization and secret histories. So if you ever feel like the series is going nowhere, just hang on a little bit. It all pulls together in the end. The finale's pay-off is this TV season's most satisfying, and the series' most hopeful. Before it all gets crushed by...

The waiting, this time, will be more torturous than ever. New episodes will air early 2008. Fuck that. But with LOST, it's always worth the wait. *****


dodo dayao said...

Thor! Pa-burn Finale tsaka yung 6 transition eps din kung meron ka pa. 6 nga ba? Kuha na ko nung the rest tapos try ko i-marathon.

Tapos inuman tayo. Hehe.

Finale was written by a Deadwood writer so dun pa lang sold na ko.

FAB said...

Will you guys kill me if I wrote a Ugly Betty season ender review? Hehe!

dodo dayao said...

Yun! Huwag mo lang lagyan ng spoilers!