Thursday, May 24, 2007

Postgame Analysis

Ten Things Why The Insane 24 Hour Download Time To Torrent The Heroes Season Finale Was Worth It. In No order, whatsoever.

1. " . . .he's much worse. When I think about him, he can see me. . . "

2.Ali Larter Vs. Ali Larter catfight . . .and suddenly the Nikki/Jessica subplot gets interesting.

3. Claire jumping out the window.

4. Hayden Panettiere.

5. "You look badass, Hiro . . ." or something like that.

6. "I know you're there, Peter." - - - and Richard fucking Roundtree, people. Sulu,Alec from Clockwork Orange, Dr. Who and . . Shaft in one series. Hardcore,that.

7. Noah(?) . . .Bennett. Also, Secret Defenders(?).

8. Hayden Panettiere.

9. Hiro in feudal Japan . . . is Daddy Hiro Kensei?

10. Hayden Panettiere.

Yes, the climax was anticlimactic - - - the Peter/Sylar/Hiro fight left much, much to be desired.

Yes, the effects were shoddy - - - first season budgets ,what can you do?

Yes, all of this feels suspiciously like set-up and as Kring intended - - -we'll see.

Yes, Episode 22 was better - - -and Episode 20 much, but my favorite's still Ted attacking the Bennett household.

Yes , it is, most of the time, silly - - -and Desperate Housewives isn't?

Yes, it is, most of the time, a guilty pleasure - - -it's boy soap, dudes,loosen up, and the key word is pleasure.

And yes, I am a pushover and easily misled - - -probably.

Insanely addictive TV,all told. And I can't wait for September 24.


Thor said...

Nakakabaliw yang HEROES countdown. Stuffing the wait with Jericho, Ugly Betty, and HEROES uli. Watching from ep. 1 again.

Jovan said...

Two t.v. things I look forward to in September: The Office (US), and Heroes.

I can't help make a spoilerific comment: Sylar is the new kuka! But what a hot kuka he is. Haha.