Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fight of the Century

Adam West is still the Batman to beat.

Michel Gondry directing the new Green Hornet movie - - and Jay Chou as Kato - - -is what boosts its stock but it's in the bag if it's anywhere near as fun as this. You can almost forgive Seth Rogen being in it.

Dig Bruce Lee beating the shit out of Burt Ward.

You Make Everything Groovy

Not excited by Tim Burton's Alice for some reason.

But this actually makes me a little teary.

That Seth Rogen is nowhere near this thing is proof that God is looking out after us.

Asterios Polyp

I've always been a fan of David Mazzuchelli and his never showy, always vigorous,defiantly old school drawing style. He was on the cusp of mainstream superstardom after Born Again and Year One. But he left all that to do . . indies. No mutants, no continuity, no crossovers, no action figures. And no money. His writing cohort, Frank Miller, pretty much did the same but with significantly more perks.

Asterios Polyp ,then.

Quite possibly the Mazzuchelli masterwork we've waited years for. Looks like there's enough here for an entire pull list.

Also, not a single silly superhero for miles. That could well be the biggest perk of all.