Thursday, March 08, 2007

Family Ties


Image has got me, got me good. If my partner ever asked me (God forbid. Seriously, God.) to drop a couple of titles for money reasons, then I would whip out my list of non-negotiables of which three titles are from Image, for now at least: Robert Kirkman's INVINCIBLE and WALKING DEAD, and Warren Ellis' FELL. Well, make that four. Jay Faerber's DYNAMO 5.

See, I'm a sucker for superheroes and only a few are exciting me right now. The WildStorm reboots suck eggs, just get on with the action already. DC's good old faithfuls just seem to be wading through to the next big event. I'm enlisted on all Brubaker titles over at Marvel (except the lost in space Xmen) but other than that, meh.

So Dynamo 5. Fresh writing. Action-packed. Stepmom gathers her dead husband's (Captain Dynamo. Invincible and Atomic Eve were at the funeral. Cool.) illegitimate children and forms a team. The kids are different enough to be memorable and stupid enough to make you care for them. And the stepmom? Nick Fury in a skirt, but way scarier.

Secrets. Sibling rivalry. Sibling flirting. I'm on board with this one.****

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PAOLO CRUZ said...

Hmmm... Due to budget constraints, i'm fairly out of the loop when it comes to stories from Image's loose superhero continuity. I haven't read Invincible beyond the issues reprinted in the first volume, and I have no working knowledge of Savage Dragon or Noble Causes, so I have no reason to pick up Dynamo 5, as a tie-in or spin-off.

Having established that, I *am* curious about it. Would it be off-base to say that Dynamo 5 is like Power Pack with a more Ultimate sensibility? (That's certainly the impression I got from your review.) Or are their adventures comparatively grounded (in terms of the kind of enemies/threats being faced)?