Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fight Club

Directed by Zack Snyder
Written by Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad and Michael Gordon
Based on the Graphic Novel by Frank Miller & Lynn Varley

Me as a boy was fetishistic about history ,long as you could boil it down to pulpy juvenalia - - - so yes to Alexander, no to Captain Cook. The Battle of Thermopylae was one saga full-on with fetish. Boiling it down to hardboiled grit , Frank Miller's comic spoke to that boy in me. Snyder is that boy,too - - -except with bigger , shinier toys at his disposal. So his 300 is reckless, irreverent, overacted but spectacularly choreographed combatporn that feels like a game engine wrote it. And does nothing to up his stock as little more than a hired gun hack-in-waiting with a trustfund to burn on post. But the macho eyecandy is severely engrossing man opera - - - history boiled down to pulpy juvenalia, really. Me acting my age wishes more was done with it. But the boy in me's hyperventilating in skirmish ecstasy. * * *


PAOLO CRUZ said...
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PAOLO CRUZ said...

"Battle porn"? I love it!

I only "discovered" this blog very recently, while aimlessly link-hopping, but it's easily an instant fave.

I'm not certain whether i've ever been acquainted with the folks here, in person (other than Jovan). And I have no idea if this is meant to be a "real-life-friends-only" blog. Just the same, I would be totally honored to be able to post my stuff here.

See, I don't have a proper venue for content dedicated primarily to geeky pursuits. However, i've got plenty of relevant writing to attest to my skills, if any of you doubt them:

* review of Long Hot Summer by Eric Stephenson and Jamie McKelvie (from a defunct group blog about pop culture; over-run by comment spam bots)

* review of manga format biography of visionary investor George Soros

* review of Skate Camp vol. 1 by Barzac et al (from my personal blog)

* entry about the politics of geek lust (from the feminist pop critique blog Love It or Lait?)

Also, have a look at , inclduing the comments i've posted on other users' profiles.

Please let me know if you'd consider letting me blog here, on a regular basis.

*puts on hesitant gameface akin to American Idol contestant in the day's Bottom Three*

PAOLO CRUZ said...

I have no idea why the HTML code keeps messing up the link to my ComicSpace profile.

I totally apologize for messing up your comments section like this.

In any case, here is the page itself:

And there are the comments I've posted about other users:

I hope that sorts out any mix-ups caused by the coding errors.

Thor said...

Yay, Paolo! The community grows. What's your email address?

PAOLO CRUZ said...

YAY! If you're granting me posting access via Blogger, then my Google/Gmail Account is 'paolojcruz'.

But if you just want to get in touch, for any other reason, then it's the same Username

(Sorry for the hassle -- you can't be too careful with these email Spam bots.)

Can't wait to start posting here!