Sunday, March 04, 2007

End of Days

Camelot Falls outs itself as Busiek's finest work in years but is taking a hiatus.

Civil War outs itself as the glorified setup it really is and leaves the comics world sans Millar for a few months - - - always a good sign but where the fuck is Ultimates 13?

Dr. Strange : The Oath outs itself as not bad but not much.

Eternals outs itself as Gaiman's finest work in a long while - - -and still no Gaimanhead outside of the three of us here seem to like it, let alone read it, let alone heard of it. Not grafiction enough? O hindi lang siya talaga uso ? Pweh!

X Men is starting to bore me a bit (so what else is new?). . . but Bachalo's coming back so I'm still on it, half-heartedly.

This end to cash-in miniserieses and (shortcircuiting of attention span) bodes well for my economy. Only Grant's All Star Superman , Cornell's Wisdom , Illuminati and Phonogram await finishing and little looms over the horizon that has me by the claws- - -except Lethem and Dalrymple's Omega, after a fashion(Lethem can be terribly literary and unfun, though) , and then there's Ellis's debut novel Crooked Little Vein.

My pull list is now down to six - - - Darwyn Cooke's fiendishly entertaining The Spirit revamp is my favorite - - - and until Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie release a new book, I think it'll stay that way.

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