Monday, December 24, 2007

One More for Baltimore

It hasn't won an Emmy but critics have unanimously anointed it the greatest show on TV. And that's not just some dim, brash Mark Millarish hyperbole. This is one of the few times they're so right, it's scary.

The Greatest Show On TV, then. Coming back for one last go-around. Bubbles is clean, Marlo's pissed, Omar's on the prowl ,Clay Davis is still full of "sheeeeeeeeeeeeit", McNulty's drunk again and Avon Barksdale's back. Hallelujah, motherfuckers.

January 6,2008. Miss it and you lose.


FAB said...

You got me interested.... downloading season 1 now....

dodo dayao said...

Hehe. Enjoy.

Normally hindi kapani-paniwala ang mga critics pag ganito kabigat ang binibitiwan so I've ignored it all these years despite being HBO. But over the last few weeks, it's grown on me. The adjective most used to describe it - - - novelistic - - -is just dead-on.

At hindi bitin ang bawat season.

Merry Christmas!

FAB said...

Also wala ng ibang mapanood na maganda. I also downloaded Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil - 10 11min episodes of wit and sarcasm

Merry Christmas din! Happy new year!!