Saturday, December 01, 2007

A night in Gotham

As usual guys…. Major Spoilers….

Crime Bible: Five Lessons in Blood #2 Written by Greg Rucka; Art by Jose Saiz

Greg loves Renee. Really! Her characterization throughout the years have changed, improved, and in some ways became more flawed. Renee is tracking down the crime-bible-cult from 52 and has gone undercover as a customer in a brothel run by the cult. Mr. Rucka slowly built up to the dilemma of people who have gone deep undercover—will she be completely part of that world (sex, drugs, alcohol, murder and the like) or not? From all the movies I have seen on police going undercover (Donnie Brasco, Infernal Affairs) you cannot help but be dirty or else blow your cover. This is a big issue in the DCU as seen in JLA Elite—it is necessary to go deep but impossible to stay immaculately clean. Renee working alone is in a worse situation—she has no support or back-up and she is deeply lonely. The woman offering a respite to this is a temptation too big to resist.

Gotham Underground #2 Written by Frank Tieri; Art by J. Calafiore and Jack Purcell; Cover by J. Calafiore

Well, they’ve gone and done it. There it was—a full page of Spoiler stalking Robin. O well, let’s see where this one will go. The Gotham gangs are organizing themselves—those who are not led by metahumans or costumed villains. They want to re-claim Gotham. Meanwhile good old Batman is deep undercover as Matches Malone in a state penitentiary. He wants to investigate what is happening to the villains who have disappeared so he got himself arrested and sent to jail. I would have thought he’d be smart enough to know that if the Suicide Squad is involved, he wouldn’t find the villains in jail. That big neon clue should have led him to Amanda Waller! Anyway, he left Dick and Tim in charge while he is away. Dick decided to do some investigating on his own by creating a-la Matches Malone alter ego. He is his father’s son (or he just ran out of original ideas).

All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #8
Written by Frank Miller;
Art and Cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

Wow! This is the coolest Joker ever! It’s not unbelievable that a sane woman would want to have sex with him (well, as long as she didn't know beforehand that he will kill her after the hot sex). Dick is changing the Goddamned Batman. The jerk found himself starting to care… awwww! But after how he was characterized the change in attitude is too fast for me. Dick's first costume and name – The Hood – was funny. He based it on Robin Hood (at first glance I thought it was Ollie)! He looked like a little Speedy with arrows and all.

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