Monday, October 23, 2006

Shameless Plug

Meant to bag a trophy from Neil Gaiman but getting a not tonight instead, Noisy Blood , the new comic by Bong and me, has been spilt at Komikon 2006, photofinished within an inch of our lives and with half of my last 2000 pesetas on the planet.

Way way before American comics got over the predominance of its men in tights, Tagalog komiks were already gamut-running the genre pool. And calling them (graphic) novels at that. With art to die for. Noisy Blood cherry-pops a series of standalone stories Bong and I (and hopefully others) plan to do as an offhand tribute to the form - - - up next is a haunted house story. Tackling the gamut. With art to die for.

Except that, as a kowtow to contest regulations, Noisy Blood is in English.

Sorry about that.

25 pesos. Autograph optional.

Preview faux-ashcan Marvelous Komiks is in Tagalog. The beta version of the forthcoming superhero revamp Bong and Reno Maniquiz and Chayenne Quintana and myself are masterminding for the Ravelos with their no-slouch creative input , this slim little volume has first looks at Bong's Darna, Chayenne's Dyesebel and a Captain Barbell short story (" . . .And They Called Him X!" ) Reno drew specially for this that has me making with the B-movie retro and throwback paraphernalia such as thought balloons, giant lizards, team-ups , not to mention a guest star that will out your secret age - - - and your inner jologs- - - if you recognize who he is.

Beta version - - - so the thing's glitchy in parts. But a blast.

30 pesos. Autograph optional.


FAB said...

Cool! San for sale ang comics mo para masabihan ko mga tao na pumunta at bumili? Meron ba nyan sa Sarabia sa Shopping Center?

Dodo said...

Wala pa e. Nilalakad namin maglagay sa Comics Oddysey at Druid's Keep pero since indie, kailangan lumuwag ang scheds namin ni Bong. Will announce as soon as. At hopefully before yearend, labas na rin ang Darna. ;)