Monday, October 16, 2006

Gago si Batman!

War games

Writers: Ed Brubaker, Andersen Gabrych, Devin Grayson, Dylan Horrocks, A.J. Lieberman, & Bill Willingham
Artists: Ramon Bachs, All Barrionuevo, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Paul Gulacy, Kinsun, Mike Lilly, Sean Phillips, Brad Walker, & Pete Woods (p), Raul Fernandez, Nathan Massengill, Troy Nixey, Andy Owens, Jimmy Palmiotti, Sean Phillips, Francis Portella, Rodney Ramos, Lorenzo Rugiero, & Aaron Sowd (i)

Another one of Batman’s scenario-building/contingency planning gone wrong. First he got expelled from the JLA because of his contingency plan for each member – well how to off each one to be exact – if ever they go rogue. I mean that is very logical and practical. In War Games his scenario-building of “what-will-happen-if-I killed-off-all-the-gang-leaders-of-Gotham” was put into action by Spoiler. He really should keep his files under tighter security.

The whole story actually covers five books with War Drums and War Crimes as book ends. The arc was so impressive because of the consistency in writing and the art in spite of the various writers and artists from comic titles based in Gotham (except for Nightwing who came from Bludhaven). The writing and art was very cinematic and engaging even if the inking/coloring was really dark.

But let me get back to what I really want to say, "Gago si Batman! Know-it-all son of a bitch! Nakakainit ng ulo!" What he did to Stephanie was unforgivable. He broke her emotionally and ultimately destroyed her fragile self-esteem when he fired her as Robin. What Batman did was as bad as Deathstroke manipulating Rose. Batman was Stephanie’s “father.” This lead to the hundreds dead, thousands injured, millions worth of property damage, and Stephanie’s death. I never read about Stephanie/Spoiler/Robin before War Games but I grieved for her because of the shitty life she had. Good thing she had Batgirl and Robin (and even Catwoman) as friends for a while.

Batman’s handling of the whole disaster led Oracle to leave Gotham and Tim moving to Bludhaven. Dapat lang.

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