Saturday, October 21, 2006


Mr. Pointy

Smallville. Season 5. Episode 4: Quiver.
Loads of it. Finally, Smallville feels alive again thanks to the Green Arrow (panty-bundling, bicep-ruling Justin Hartley), resulting in an almost great episode. Tom Welling's doe-eyed, mumbling, wooden acting Clark needs the interaction. And competition. The Lana-Lex thing is bleh, the Lana-Clark thing is meh, the
Chloe-Jimmy Olsen is oh-kay. Smallville needs to up the ante and bring in more familiar supers or else it's just another Dawson's Creek with really, and I mean really, bad acting. Hartley's not the best actor in the world but at least his Oliver Queen has attitude, and is the prick that Ollie is meant to be. And besides ... look above and below.

The trick arrow bits were cool, and that what's-right-and-wrong argument was very JLA (can't wait for that "Justice" episode with Kid Flash, Cyborg, GA, and Aquaman). And the best thing is, you dont have to be a Smallville fan to enjoy this episode.

Star City
, anyone? Please?

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