Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bluer than blue

Written by Keith Giffen and John Rogers; Art by Cully Hamner; Cover by Duncan Rouleau

Major screw-ups at work with a capital F, and instead of the usual trip to Rustan's for a sweet threesome (Ben & Jerry's) I head to Filbar's. So I end up buying 5 Batman back issues (the ones leading to the annual), Shadowpact #2 and #4 (Ragman and Enchantress shipper, heh), and Blue Beetle #3 and #4 --- because, uh.

This title is lost in transition. Teenager Jaime Reyes is trying to figure out a lot of things, too many things: what happened in the one year he disappeared (apparently, he has been missing for a year from the time of the battle with Brother Eye), how to work the suit (nice Gundam-ish battle armor), how to un-work the suit, and what the hell a Blue Beetle should be. Dangled modifier aside, it was cool to see Jaime doing research on Dan Garrett and Ted Kord. The exchange with Oracle got me a little excited, but no. No chance of having the Birds of Prey in this issue, who I've been loving since Gail Simone took over. For now, there are mostly questions but it would be interesting to see where this series goes. Ted Kord refused to bond with the scarab. Jaime on the other hand allows it to dig deep into his back and latch on to his spine. That's gotta hurt. So bring on the pain. Bring on the other heroes. And please, bring on the answers. ***

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