Monday, July 21, 2008

God Speaks . . .Again

Alan Moore, yes that Alan Moore, on his favorite show on TV:

"The Wire is the most stunning piece of television that has come out of America, possibly the most stunning piece of television full-stop.

(It's) grown-up television! It's novelistic. You get to find out about all these tiny different aspects of Baltimore, to build up a huge picture of the city with all of its intricacies — from the wharf side, to the kids in the projects, to the power structure with the boardrooms and police department and governor's office. And it's got some great writers: It's got George Pelecanos and David Simon. And so many wonderful characters, Bubbles, Omar.

So yeah, everything else looks pretty lame next to
The Wire."

Also thinks South Park is the bomb.

Oh,if only the rest of the planet would listen, Mr. Moore, and stop watching Gray's Anatomy.

Also on Heroes, from some other interview: "I was persuaded to watch (Heroes) by people who said it nods to Watchmen but God, what a load of rubbish! It's a late-70s X-Men at best and full of terrible ideas and characters who've all been done to death. Beyond death. And the writing shows such contempt for the viewer. The climax, a man who is going to explode is carried off into the air by his brother... did anybody bother to compare the effects of a groundburst with an airburst nuclear explosion? I'll take the former over the latter, thanks. This is supposed to be the sort of thing that superhero stories are good at. I tell you, if we are ever threatened with a scenario like that in real life I hope the superheroes aren't American because we'll be sunk."

Oh and some nice words he has to say on the 300 movie: "Racist, homophobic and sublimely stupid."


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Thor said...

300 managed to be homophobic AND homo erotic at the same time. That is some sort of achievement, yes? Hey, review mo na TDK!

dodo dayao said...

In the works - - -ang dami ko pang nakasalang na review. Yung Wanted di ko matapos tapos dahil palaging nagiging panglalalit ni Millar ang nangyayari. Hehe.