Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I get worried for the kids in the comics that I read … for their safety and their development (academic and morals). It must be the child advocate in me but it challenges my suspension of disbelief. I get these irritating rational thoughts:

“How is Tim Drake doing in school? Is he still going to school? Is Bruce making it a point to at least ensure that he is home-schooled?”

“Why is Cassie living alone – she’s a minor!! And Supergir--- oh wait, she’s an alien, K lang magwala sya.”

“Who is the legal guardian of Rose? And Eddie!”

“Where the hell is Batgirl? Why is nobody looking or worrying about her? Oracle should have at least tried to look for her especially after being used by Deathstroke!”

Do not get me started on Spoiler and especially with Marvel's the New X-men (Kids are dying and even if they are mutants - somebody should have sued the ass of Xavier school!).

Shit... been working too hard.


Jovan said...

Haha. May awa factor ako kay Tim Drake... *sniff*

Hey--- I want a pull list in my sidebar, too! Hahah. Wala lang. ;-D

FAB said...

Pull list? Sure! Send your list to out great leader/moderator Thor - that's what I did! hehe

Wawa ng si Tim...