Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gotham Knights

Last Wednesday I finished the 1st draft of a particularly difficult project - to celebrate, I spent the next three nights watching Batman Animated series season 4 . I've had the DVDs for months now but haven't gotten around watching them. Here are the episodes I loved:
  • Sins of the father - the season started with Batman minus Robin (Dick). This episode was the origin of the next Robin (Tim Drake) whose story had a Jason Todd feel to it. Tim was the son of a criminal who was murdered and Batman saved him from the goons looking for the loot that Tim's father stashed somewhere. Batman got injured and Tim saved him, brought him to the Batcave - well, events of course led to Tim becoming Robin. This episode had heart - Bruce is a big softie when it comes to orphans. Further into the series, I liked the detail that Batman worked with Batgirl more since she was better trained and well, bigger, than Tim.
  • You scratch my back - Nightwing (!) and Catwoman worked together -- fun!!! Catwoman double crossed Nightwing but Nightwing and the Batgang were expecting it.
  • Joker's Millions - What if Joker didn't need to steal anymore because he became richer than Bruce Wayne (in a legit way)? It was the only thing that could have stopped his criminal activities but that would be too easy, right? I never would have thought that Mark Hamill was the voice of Joker till I saw the credits. Harley Quin and Ivy were also in the episode - having both of them together is always funny.
  • Old wounds - Dick tells Tim why he left. Batman wanted to beat up a Joker-minion in front of the minion's family. Dick wouldn't have anything to do with that. To complicate things, Dick and Barbara were going out without knowing about each other's secret Bat-related commitments. Of course when Dick found out that Batman had knowingly put his girlfriend in danger... (yes, he blamed Batman for anything and everything).
  • Legends of the Dark Knight - three kids were telling each other Batman stories: one of them was a silver age story - the illustrations/drawing/art (whatever you call it when its cartoons) and dialogs were silver age!!! The other story as from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns - the final showdown with the mutants. (And the story where a kid pointed that Robin was a girl) This got me to sit-up from bed and pay close attention, and rewind, and watch it again.
  • Girls' Night Out - Batman was out of town. Batgirl and Supergirl worked together to bring down Livewire. Harley and Ivy were also in the mix - so yeah, more fun!
  • Mad love - Harley Quin's story - why is she obsessed with the Joker? (In this episode, Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) said, "May the floss be with you!" It was a joke. You have to watch the episode to get it.) Now I know why Thor loves Harley. Paul Dini did an absolutely great job in characterization. She wants to be better but she couldn't help but give in to her psychosis. I liked it that Batman sympathized with Harley and that you knew he wanted to help her become better.
Speaking of... Here's the Joker in the next Batman movie (*excited!*)

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