Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Laban ka?

Isa pa.

Favreau better have one good movie in him and this better be it.


FAB said...

Robert D. convinced Gwyneth to play Pepper Potts - he told her, "Wouldn't you like to make a movie that lots and lots of people will watch? Wouldn't that be fun?"

dodo dayao said...

Downey feels right ,like he was born to play Stark, like Carrey felt right playing Riddler. The trailer they showed at the Comic Con was fantastic - -Iron Man flying in formation with f-16s. Yun lang nga sobrang labo nung footage, kinunan lang ata from a cellphone. Pero rinig na rinig yung palakpakan ng mga geeks nung lumabas yung grey armor. Hehe.

Paltrow's cool as Pepper, I think.

Not a fan of Favreau but I'm excited about Iron Man for some reason. He's been the Marvel character I wanted to see made a movie of most.

Panaginip ko pa rin isang Iron Man movie written by William Gibson and directed by some Japanese madman,though.:)