Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cloverfield = Chtulhu

I give. I'd take Felicity over the gutless tripe that is Sex In The City any day but Alias was broke. Or was that a bait-and-switch? Because J.J. Abrams is on a sweet streak of exquisite midfuckery. First the last five minutes of Through The Looking Glass. (spoiler alert)

Then this.

Rampant theories are that Cloverfield is an alias and that 1-18-08 is not a release date but the actual title or . . . the movie might not have any title at all.

And that this is Abrams riffing on Godzilla . . .or Chtulhu. Love Toho but giant reptiles rampaging through New York is just haggard and trite ,specially given the scaffolding of arcana they're building behind this.

Give me Chtulhu and no title . . . and Abrams owns me.

Still think Alias sucks eggs,though.

More here.

EDIT: Apparently ,those Ethan Haas sites have nothing at all to do with the movie.

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Panthus said...

You heard it here first.
ON the slush history page it says, everyone who tastes Nariko's DREAM will become a small whale like Nariko. Well last time I checked people who hear the "Great Old Ones" dreams metaphorically become like a great old one.

In the Mountains of Madness, a team of scientists (instead of searching for ingridents for slusho) search a cave a antartica mountain and find Fossils of some SMALLER old ones. (just like the trailer you can see shadows of smaller ones too, not just the big one). Guess what date they found these fossils and got attacked in the mountain? Yes...January 18th. Albeit I must admit that was in 1920's, I cant remember what year. But I most certainly remember the day, and month.................interesting.....I will not be surprised if it is not cthulhu but I sure would enjoy that. I was blown away when i read January 18th....