Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

Green Arrow #75
Written by Judd Winick; Art and Cover by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens

From Kevin Smith's (whimsical) epic to Brad Meltzer's nostalgic road trip to Judd Winick's pre-OYL killer cliffhanger over a burning Star City, the relaunched Green Arrow title built up Oliver Queen to be the temperamental, unpredictable, swashbuckling hero that is slowly becoming the man of honor that he wants to be. And this journey all ends with a dud. Not even a whimper of defiance in sight.

The first half of this title finale pits Ollie and the Green Arrow family (Connor, Mia and Dana) against formidable assassins Slade and Merlin. Great team-ups and even greater action, probably the best this title has ever seen under Winick's helm.

Until the Justice League saves them all.

WHICH IS A HUGE DISSERVICE TO THE TITLE AND TO GREEN ARROW. Pissed doesn't even come close. I love these characters. I love Ollie's struggle to be better than his meta counterparts. I love Mia's resolve to find meaning in her disease. And what Winick did to Black Canary, oh boy. The Black Canary on these pages is pre-Simone Birds of Prey. I can't picture someone who trained with Shiva and is the current leader of the League to be easily tackled down to her knees.

And never mind the cover. It looks like this will be dragged out onto the other titles. No answer here.

Three-fourths into this book and I wanted to throw it across the room. Weak. And depressingly so. *

Written by Greg Pak; Art and Cover by John Romita Jr. with Janson and Strain

I only have one problem in an otherwise smashing issue. Black Bolt. Pak showed us what his whisper could do to Hulk. And in the following panels we see Hulk holding a bloodied, black and blue Black Bolt. (Heh. Black and blue Black Bolt. Now say that five times.) Err...How??? Vulcan death grip? The Iron Man smack down, thanks to Romita's art, was fucking mind-blowing. I wanted Black Bolt's to be as cinematic. I mean he is like the second most powerful being on Earth. Or third. But he's up there. And he deserves strategy and a properly detailed beating.

Two down. And four more issues to go plus a gazillion cross-overs. They're making this out to be the Marvel Universe vs. Hulk. So bring on The Sentry already. ****

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Canned Thoughts said...

I agree. Every comic book geek deserves at least 5 pages of how Black Bolt's jaw looked like jelly after his battle with the mean green.