Thursday, April 26, 2007

Geek Sounds on Thursday #1: "Four-Color Love Story"

I know this is probably really old news to some of you -- especially if you habitually refer to Warren Ellis for music recommendations -- but I whole-heartedly urge you to download the song "Four-Color Love Story" by The Metasciences. Trust me. You'll realize why, after you've heard the lyrics, but the title alone should give you an indication ;)

Basically, it's a loving acoustic celebration of the dewy-eyed romance, associated with Silver Age superheroics. Think of it as an 'Ultimate' or 'All Star' version of Simon and Garfunkel, if you please. Folk rock with a thoroughly post-post-modern sense of earnest juvenalia; it's light-hearted and playful, self-aware but never too arch or ironic.

Download "Four-Color Love Story" (from the band's official site)
Download "Four-Color Love Story" (hosted by me)

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Thor said...

Welcome to Geeks United, Paolo. Yay for the mp3s! Music and comics, my head's about to go ka-boom. :-)