Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Appearance (1: Paolo Cruz)

Please give a hearty welcome to me, Paolo Cruz, the latest member of the extended, quasi-dysfunctional Geeks United family. I'll be posting mostly extensive comic reviews (usually for complete story arcs, though I don't have any concrete guidelines about that). Expect some more general brain-farts as well, on a semi-regular basis. In particular, i'll be waxing pilosopo about the motifs, themes, or general direction of certain titles I'll also be plugging any future releases that I feel may be worth checking out, despite the lack of hype or page space they recieve in the Diamond/Previews catalog. As the truism goes, pre-ordering is your friend, Third World economy notwithstanding.

Oh yeah, I plan to start a weekly MP3 feature here every Thursday about songs related to geek culture, for as long as I can keep it up. So if that kind of thing interests you, please add this blog to your Favorites or Bookmarks or whatever your broswer calls it. Or better yet, get with the entire Web 2.0 shebang and subscribe to our feed.

If any of you want to get a broader picture about my tastes and sensibilities, with regards to graphic fiction, just check out my ComicSpace profile. (Add me, too, if you're so inclined.)

Finally, i'd like to indulge in the quintessentially Filipino practice of shameless plugging, barely disguised as friendly shout-outs. Pwede mag-greet? I'd like to give mad props to Eric of Fourth Wall Comics for ordering Jeffrey Brown's "b-sides" collection, Feeble Attempts, for me, at the generous rate of P50 = USD1. So worth it, people! Drop by the store, if you ever get the chance. Details on their ComicSpace profile.

More soon, I promise. Until then, True Believers...
*resists urge to carry on with half-assed Stan Lee parody*

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