Thursday, February 22, 2007


Writer David Hine; Art Frazer Irving


Yes. Wild cheering. Fucking Frazer Irving. I'd buy any of his books. Good thing they're all great books. Klarion was whimsical art. With a capital A. But Silent War. Silent War is mythical. The carnage on the first issue, brilliant. Edvard Munch giggling. Acidic swirls. Whirlpool for screams. Hine steps back while the splatters do all the telling.

David Hine. He is now my man. Paul Jenkins rewrote the Inhumans but Hine (my man) he injected the speed. The gasp. Son of M feels like a prelude to Silent War. Hine pushes Blackbolt. The great Blackbolt. Waring Blackbolt. Blackbolt vs. Sentinel. Fuck. Quivering in my pants. Sweaty palms. Fuckin smoking at my desk. I never do that.

Issue 2. Last panel. Fucking crazy! Forget Civil War. Flogging a dead horse if you ask me. This is THE war. With fuck all at stake. *****

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