Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life and Death



I read Orson Scott Card’s Wyrms when I was in college and I was pretty surprised when I saw Wyrms #1 in the weekly list last month. Card’s science fiction novels were always anchored in anthropological, socio-political, and cultural milieu of the worlds that he created. His stories are often about human colonies in other planets and their interaction with local sentient life form.

So I was really worried about how Wyrms would be translated to comics when the plot was very dependent on discourses on politics, religion, and the will to survive predestined evolution. Jake Black’s adaptation was fast paced and Batista’s drawing were great! I couldn’t help but fill in the blanks in the conversations and the storyline. The limited series will be of six issues and I hope that team will be able to do justice to the book as the plot becomes more complicated and more characters will be introduced.

Death Jr
by Gary Whitta
and Ted Naifeh

Ang cuuuuuute ni DJ!!! Whitta’s Death reminded me of Terry Pratchett’s Death though – somebody who wants to experience normal human life – Terry’s Death also had a daughter – adopted though. Whitta took it further since his Death has a wife and a biological son. How the mom (a human) got pregnant though….. This TPB’s is fast paced, funny, and ang cuuuuuute ni DJ and his gang!

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