Sunday, September 03, 2006


Comics nowadays are very… hmm… graphic. There was DC a policy that prevented anyone – villain, hero, innocent bystander, dog, bird - from dying in a comic book. Comics were screened for violent content. But that was decades ago. Now in DC you get death, maiming, bloodied heroes and villains all the time! I get queasy easily. I mean, run-to-the-bathroom-ogodihopeimakeit-there-goes-my-dinner queasy. Still I watch gory horror movies. It’s part of the experience - the adrenaline rush and the complete suspension of disbelief. And yes, graphic tearing of limbs in comics make sick. These are my favorite *GASP* and *retch* moments:

Garth Ennis’s Goddess – this was my first … uhrmm.. time to... OK I read this and I nearly threw up when I saw the exploding heads. A week ago, I read Ennis’ The Boys and the first panel… whew… then there was this man who was holding his girlfriend’s hands … just her hands.

Infinite crisis… really great story with really violent scenes…

Yup, I was shocked when Superboy Prime kicked Krypto. Poor dog was all bloodied and beaten up. There might have been internal bleeding. I hope he's OK. I hope Dr. Midnite knows something about veterinary medicine.

As for the gore and violence - bring 'em on!

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