Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gaslighting Me

Toy bugs bite nasty with strange, insatiable hungers. Buy one and you crave more even before the blister pack's been infiltrated. (And yes, I take my man dolls no other way but loose.) Thank god for SM understock and for Best Toys being a bitch to access or two weeks' wages would've been blown on other man dolls I'm bound to regret having- - -though that Atom 7-inch is a nag gaining velocity.

This, though,was a need.


Thor said...

Been thinking about that ATOM too. Konting muni-muni na lang. Gusto ko HAWKMAN! (Kaso wala pakong nakikita...)

Dodo said...

Yung JUSTICE na Hawkman? Astig yun! Hehe.