Monday, April 07, 2008

Under . . .

It’s the week I read Secret Invasion . . .although slog would be more apt. Skrulls- - -feh. I also picked up Echo and . . .ummm . . .I’ll be kind . . . it’s OK . . . but the strain shows. Terry Moore doesn’t wear superhero sci-fic well . . .least not yet but I'm not sure I’m fan enough to be up for this ride. Then I pick this up. No secret - - -unless you’ve been living under a rock on a moon
- - - that Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son. So, it's genetic. Locke & Key is promising ,give it that- - - and Gabriel Fernandez’s art is a must.

It’s a good day when you can read comics without stumbling over a superhero (although Brave & the Bold ain’t half bad) or a zombie.

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