Monday, March 31, 2008

To live in hell

After the Fall: Angel Season 6
Written by Brian Lynch and plotted by Joss Whedon
Art: Franco Urru

The first thing that came to mind was CROSSOVER!!! Imagine Angel, Spike, and Buffy together again! Unfortunately, Angel is published by IDW while Buffy is published by Dark Horse. I have no idea why Joss allowed this to happen. Anyway, the series is set to be a canonical continuation of the Angel television series, and follows the events of that show's final televised season: which showed Angel’s gang charging towards—oh just all the demons in LA. I hate endings where you don’t know what happened to the heroes you have become so attached to. I filled the void by reading all Angel books that I could get my hands on.

So when Season 6 came out…No need to state the obvious. There are five issues out and available at your friendly comic book shop. If you don’t want to be spoiled leave now and no harm will befall you….

Imagine Los Angeles in HELL. The whole city transported to hell! Wolfram & Hart literally sent the entire city to hell in retaliation to what Angel and his gang dismantled the demon cartel in LA. In Hell, demons gained more power and they divided the city into territories. Angel is in trouble since he got pissed off at a demon and killed him—he sorta killed-off the son of a demon-mafia leader. Angel, on a dragon continues to rescue citizens from the destruction and sends them to Connor, Gwen, and Nina for sanctuary. Meanwhile, the ghost of Wesley is now an incorporeal representative of Wolfram & Hart – since the contract with W&H extends after death, and Gunn has been turned into a vampire—how ironic, no?

Spike has a harem of humans and demons and he’s with Illyria whose powers have gone bonkers – she’s time jumping as n the series. Spike and Angel fight of course. After a series of surprising reveals they spring the biggest… Angel got wounded during the fight and he is not healing fast because he is human. THEN I HAD TO WAIT A MONTH TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

The demons will keep on killing humans to avenge the demon that Angel killed and to stop this Angel dared ALL the demon lords of the city to send their champions against him at the same time. . The battle begins with Angel and all his friends at his side—including Groosalugg, Conner, Gwen, and Nina thanks to Lorne's last minute rousing (By the way, Lorne controls one city district where everything’s sunny and rosy and happy!). In the meantime, Gunn and his vampire gang demolished the W&H building. Wesley was in a “meeting” with his W&H bosses and when he arrived Spike said that Angel didn’t tell him that Wesley would be there. Enter Illyria… she saw Wesley and she transformed into Fred! NOW THEY WILL MAKE ME WAIT FOR THREE MONTHS!

Next month they will be publishing a three-issue arc about “The First Night” – focusing on what happened exactly after season 5 ended. I am of course very interested in knowing what happened but my God, why do creators have to make me wait after how issue 5 ended! Lynch’s story-telling and pacing is excellent. The art—ummm, I like the art of Buffy Season 8 better. But the cliff-hangers are a bitch.

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