Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Brand New Day

I just have to know what happens next. Yes, even with the crappy ending of One More Day. I want to know how the creative team will handle the stupid decision to erase MJ and Pete's marriage (It's suppose to change the ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE not only the events in Spide-man - but no...) The Amazing Spider-man will be on sale 3x a month and here's the status quo according to issue #546:

Nobody knows Spidey's secret identity. As in no one - not Daredevil or the Avengers. He is unregistered. According to the writers, "some people seem to recall that Spidey unmasked himself during the Civil War but no one quite remembers whose face was under the mask."

Web-shooters are back. Web fluid is home made and webs dissolve in an hour.

Pete's unemployed. He is broke and is living with Aunt May.

Gwen stays dead. She was still murdered by Green Goblin and Pete still feels guilty over her death.

Harry's alive. He lived in Europe for years but now he's back. He doesn't remember being the Green Goblin - but according to the writers, Pete remembers that he was GG. Harry and Pete are still BFF. Harry does not talk about his father. He's dating Lily Hollister, NY City's District Attorney's daughter.

MJ moved to California to be an actress. She and Pete dated and were very serious but why they broke up is still undisclosed. I heard that she's a super-hero, the licensed super-hero of NY, Jackpot. There's a short story included in this issue on Jackpot, drawn by Greg Land - OK I'll give him a break since MJ is supposed to be a model but does he have to draw women in ALL FRAMES posing like models no matter what they are doing?

Issue 546 takes its time... Dan Slott told a story of "a day in the life of an unemployed Peter Parker." A bit slow. The highlight was the confrontation between Peter and Jameson which resulted to JJJ having a heart attack. Heh! Finally.

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