Thursday, November 15, 2007


Bong's an OFW in Singapore. And my prostitute gigs have been murder - - - not least of which was/is the snakeman. So,Askals 2: Hulog Ng Langit and a certain amazon with a fetish for popping pebbles and magic words currently languish in a limbo of our own making.

Komikon with no new work from us does feel a little off, like running with a game leg. But no small thanks to the belated return of Reno's Tabloid Komiks,you'd hardly notice the limp.

Ask me, the scrap of Maskarado fanfic we've got in there, Sa Mamihan Ni Ah Long, is Bong's finest hour. I kid you not. Makes me smell good, at least. Josel Nicolas has new stuff in it, too. Oh , and this also emerges from hiding. Cover alone's worth your milk money, children. Massive apologies to Reno for not finishing the short story I promised I'd do. Work has been brutal.

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