Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rubbing elbows with pinoy stars

Oct 27 at Comic Odyssey, Robinson’s Place Manila. My first meet and greet with comic artists: John Beatty was early (inker of Batman years ago and who is practically Pinoy - aside from being engaged to a pinay, he says "C.R." instead of toilet) ; Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan (together on Superman Birthright and New Xmen Annual of 2001, Leinil is currently drawing New Avengers and Gerry says he’s concentrating on his original work – check out Elmer), Mico Sauyan who is currently doing the pencils on Moon Knight, and Ed Tadeo who worked on Iron Man and Spawn. Well, I was that patient and excited that I got sketches from all of them!

I got talk to John Beatty first. I asked him to draw Barbara-Gordon-Batgirl. The way he sketched her hair was way cool. He also sang Beautiful Girls while drawing. Just to prove to Gerry that even though he was forty-ish, he was still hip! Hehe! Ed Tadeo and I had to remember where the phoenix in Jean's chest was facing - left or right? Gerry didn't know the costume of the new Catwoman and he looked at a Ponds ad for Selina's face and checked out an issue for the costume. He was shocked when he saw a man's throat get violently cut (with blood spurting), he said, "Di ko akalaing me ganito na sa comics ngayon." I asked Mico to draw Moon Knight because I had to get over the wimpy way that Bendis portrayed him in Ultimate Spiderman. Mico's Moon Knight is bad-ass . And of

course.... Leinil's Logan. Chatted with him a bit about his brother who - we went to the same college.

Plus there was free food and drinks. I also won a John Romita variant WW HULK #3! Thor got the best advanced birthday gift ever - an original plate from Superman Birthright! More power to Comic Odyssey!

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