Friday, September 14, 2007

The aftermath of war

X-men: Emperor Vulcan
Christopher Yost and Paco Diaz

If this was written by Ed Brubaker, I wouldn’t have given this a chance but it’s Christopher Yost at the helm, so yes, why not? I loved all that he has written so far (X-23 and the New X-men). Where the Shi’ar Empire dragged on for 12 months, this first issue (of five) was fast, tight, and funny. It gave you a sit-rep of the Empire and the Resistance. Public support of Vulcan is crumbling and Alex shows off his skills in strategic warfare. It delved into characterization - you knew who was crazy, who misses home more than the others, and that a big green alien had a sense of humor. Yost gave updates on insecurities, grudges, and relationships and he ended by introducing an alien race with the biggest hate-on for the Shi’ar that the name of their race was “Death to the Shi’ar.” Coolness.

Wonder Girl
Torres, Greene, and Messengill

The plot was a logical consequence of Amazons Attack – people hated Wonder Girl after what she did with Air Force One and that well, she was – sort of – Amazon. Supergirl redeemed herself a bit by saving people from a Cyclops and the media coverage didn’t hurt either. I like details that’s why I found it interesting that Wonder Girl took it upon herself to clean up after the war – particularly the weird and dangerous animals left behind. Who would have thought that a hydra had time to lay eggs. There were also the fire breathing lions that the Amazons used as mounts running around and local animal control (even the military) were definitely not equipped to handle those. Robin tries to help but angst about the kiss (the second one) got in the way again. Pretty interesting so far then big brother Hercules appears. I am hooked. One thing that I didn’t like is that the art is too cartoony but at least there’s enough detail – Cassandra has muscular arms (not the usual girly arms) fitting for an Amazon.

And I just have to add....

The New Avengers
Bendis, Yu, and McCaig

In the aftermath of the "you-are-all-Skrulls" paranoia, Logan’s wiener got shot repeatedly! And he hoped that maybe it’d grow back bigger! Heh! At least Doc Strange confirmed that no one’s a Skrull. I am hoping that with symbiotes around Bendis’ story-telling will pick up. Dialogue was still funny though.

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