Monday, January 08, 2007

Faye says: 2006 guilty pleasures

Happy new year! Ambilis ng panahon! Before you know it another story arc has ended. Here are the highlights of 2006 for me:

Persistent bad habitWolverine - I don’t have to explain myself.

Guilty pleasure of the yearNightwing – I hate that I found myself researching his lovelife and seriously looking for TPBs on when he slept with Huntress, when he and Starfire were an item, where he broke up with Barbara, and when he slept around. Damn. I thought I was over reading romance novels but no – I just shifted to superhero soaps.
Runners up - Christian Walker (Powers) and Mitchell Hundred (Ex Machina)

Favorite seriesBirds of Prey – Hey, I’m not saying it’s the best. P
eborit ko lang. Why? I can relate kasi to the main characters… *ehem* Gail Simone put nicotine in this series – its addictive. I was genuinely angry after reading issue #99 when Black Canary told Oracle that she was leaving. Goddamn Brad Meltzer to hell for pirating the character for JLA! But with an all female creative team and new operatives such as Manhunter things are beginning to look exciting!

Best series X-Factor – I think the reason why this was the “best” for me is that I did not expect to fall in love with the Jaime, Rictor, Syrin, Monet, Guido, Rahne, and Layla. The series has an Angel Investigation feel (and yes I miss Angel). The character driven stories of Jaime’s dupes, Rictor’s attempted suicide, Syrin’s abduction and her denial of her father’s death, Layla’s (possible) origins, Guido’s murder of a man under his protection will make you forget that you are reading an X-men title.

Best Mini-seriesSecret Six – Who would have thought I would love villains? The S6 are all unpredictable and that was the hook. Gago silang lahat! They do try to do right to each other but then they fail miserably. And by the way, I would also line up to have Catman’s baby… (Hehe!)

Series I wanna see on HBOY: the Last Man – I heard that New Line Cinema bought the rights but I believe only HBO can do justice to this book.

Biggest disappointment Wonder Woman – for the fact that only THREE issues were released!

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