Thursday, November 30, 2006

We're making a list and checking it twice

Best in Dialogue. From

Greetings on the day Crossing Midnight #1 ships! It's that time of the year again when we go all Santa Claus on our favorite costumes, metas, mutants. Time for best of and (or worst of ) lists. Naughty or nice? Fuck of the century or snoozefest? Infinite Crisis or Civil War? We can do top 3 and bottom 3, all up to you folksies.

Here are few categories to think about:

Limited Series of the Year. CW is not yet over. 52 should never be over. One All-Star title is soaring. But I'm guessing Seven Soldiers.

Book of the Year. The OYLs feel like a Crisis hang-over. The Runaways lose and gain momentum. The Fables declare war in their heads. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are still on their asses gossiping. Much like the Eternals.

Hero of the Year. Nightwing? *wink, wink FAB*
  • Best in Costume
  • Best in Ripped-apart Costume
  • Best Body (Male, Female, or Planet)

Team of the Year. The new new Thunderbolts. Heck, let's just call them Villains United.

Best single issue of the Year. The one comic book that wasn't a continuity sucker but had all you wanted in a comic. Could be part of a series. Or cheat and say Brave New World.

Writer of the Year. Dodo Dayao!

Artist of the Year. Post with pictures!

Publisher of the Year. Let's do this by label. DC. Vertigo. WildStorm. Marvel. Top Cow. Image. Dark Horse.


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